Newsletter 2022/16

Principal's Message

Kia Ora parents, caregivers and whānau

Thank you all for making alternative child care arrangements for your children yesterday.  The staff appreciated having time together to undertake professional development and complete planning tasks.

Next week, NZEI, (our Teacher’s union) require teachers to attend a paid union meeting. NZEI have put up a number of dates/times as options for schools to choose from.  The meetings are  hosted via zoom, but unfortunately are all during the school day.  Rather than close the school for a half day, PBS has decided to try our best to work around this.  This means that students will have a longer lunch break on this day (Mon, 13 June), whilst their teacher is watching the zoom meeting.  No doubt the students will be pleased with this arrangement!  Senior management staff will be on playground duty during this time so that teachers can participate.  I hope this meets with your approval; we just wanted to make things easier on parents/caregivers in appreciation for our staff having a staff only day yesterday.  

Some key dates for your Term 2 diary include:

  • Wed, 22 June – School celebration of Matariki – day time and evening events at school
  • Fri, 24 June – SCHOOL CLOSED for Matariki (Nationwide holiday)


Sharing good news spreads positivity, changes attitudes and ultimately leads to more people feeling encouraged and happy

We are ecstatic with the results of today’s Interschool Cross Country races which saw many PBS kids on the podium!

PBS Interschool Champions
Mia Thomson 1st place in Year 6 girls race
PBS Interschool Champions 2
Lucie Thomson 1st place in Year 4 girls race
PBS Interschool Champions 3
Haley Kirton 3rd place in Year 3 girls race
PBS Interschool Champions
Angus Wilson 3rd in AWD race
PBS Interschool Champions 1
Harrison Stratford 1st in AWD race
PBS Interschool Champions
Anika Rehal 3rd in Year 7 Girls

Welcome to Our Recent New Students

Archer – Rm 22

Te ara o ngā whetū o Matariki - Follow the stars of Matariki

Wednesday, 22nd June 2022 (postponement date Monday, 27th June)

This week’s question for our weekly competition highlighted the significance of Matariki and the traditions in Māori culture. Our ākonga watched a video and finished the phrase, “Matariki is a time to…” Answers included: a time to fly kites, spend time with whanau, relax and reflect on the year gone by, reconnect with each other and eat kai together, remember those who have passed and plan for the future. Congratulations to Kayleigh, Sasha, Dakota, Freya and Skyla who were drawn out from this week’s entries. 

We are looking forward to reconnecting with our school community and warmly welcome you all to our celebration of Matariki on Wednesday, 22nd June. A newsletter will be coming home with your child over the next few days with lots of information.

Kayleigh, Sasha, Dakota, Freya & Skyla

Using Māori Language at Home

It’s important for all Kiwi to learn te reo.  Each week our newsletter will include phrases that you might like to try out at your place.  After all, it will take the whole nation to keep this unique language alive.

Kīwaha are colloquial sayings and they are great phrases to drop into your everyday conversation. Here are a couple to try:

Mahi tika ana! Great work! 

Ka pai e Anna, mahi tika ana! Great work Anna, well done!

Hangareka ana! What a crack up!

Hangareka ana koe Joe! Joe, you’re so funny, what a crack up!

Student Work

Savannah and Alexis were delighted to share with me their coding work.  Their class has been working in collaborative groups to create electronic information boards about the stars of Matariki.  

Savannah and Alexis talked me through the process of creating the artwork and wiring features of the picture to metal pins.  Each pin acted as a button.   The groups then created coded instructions with voice recordings using the Scratch coding programme.  The voice recordings contained separate pieces of information about each of the Matariki stars.   

The end product allows the audience to push the metal buttons which in turn plays the pre-recorded information about each star.  Needless to say these projects were out of this world!

Savannah & Alexis

Spotlight News

Learning Space

Where the magic happens! This is where the students are directed when they log on to their Spotlight Portal. 

Here they can access their dashboard, school calendar, learning progress, Teacher and Parent comments, Learning Pathway, Blog, Integrated Learning and school involvement.


We encourage you to spend time with your child asking them to show you what goals they are working on and what work they might have uploaded

Kid's Quote

Last week a young student was in the medical room and was heard singing loudly to himself.  When asked if that was him singing that lovely song, he replied: 

Yes, it was me.  Singing keeps me feeling happy and makes me feel safe!

Family Donations

At Paraparaumu Beach School we do our best to keep the Family Donations low, so they are achievable for families to contribute. Our donations are set lower than most other schools of our size and decile.

PBS Family Donations for 2022 are $100 per family or $65 for a single child

For many families this is not a lot of money, and we really appreciate every cent.  Every parent donation is put towards buying educational resources for our students e.g. new reading books, maths equipment and sports gear.  

You are able to pay each term, in one lump sum, or structure any donation to meet your needs. Payment can be made through KINDO.

Thank you in advance for helping PBS provide the educational resources our kids need.

Claim Your School Donation Tax Rebates in myKindo This year

When you make your school donations to Paraparaumu Beach School in myKindo for 2022, you’ll see the option to opt-in to Supergenerous when you pay.

Kindo and Supergenerous work together to lodge your donation rebate claim with the IRD. They do all the hard work for you and give you the option to re-gift your 33% tax rebate to our school as a new donation. It’s an awesome way to make your donation go further.

New Entrant Parent Information Presentation – Tātahi Syndicate

A New Entrant Information Presentation will be held for all parents of new children on Friday, 1 July from 10.00-10.30am in the staffroom.

This session will :

· provide an overview of the ‘Transition to School’
· provide an overview of the New Entrant Programme in reading, writing and mathematics
· highlight how you can help at home with learning

In Tātahi Syndicate, we believe that successful partnerships between home and school are established when both parties have a shared expectation and knowledge of their child’s learning. We would love to see you there.

Mmmmmmmm delicious Hangi for Sale!

Te Moana is fundraising for camp in 2023 by selling delicious hangi for $15 each:  Chicken, pork, lamb, potato, kumara, pumpkin and good ol’ stuffing!  Only 150 are available, so get in quick!!!

Order via Kindo today. Orders close Monday, 20 June at 9am.  Pick up from outside Rm 12 at our Matariki Evening from 5.30pm on Wednesday, 22 June. The postponement date is Monday, 27 June – same time and place.

Junior Cross Country Results

On Wednesday morning 25 May, PBS Syndicates Ngaru and Tātahi held their combined Junior Cross Country.  It was such stunning and glorious sunny morning.  Children ran their hearts out and did their best.  Here are the results:

Ngaru Syndicate


Year 3 Boys

Year 3 Girls

Year 4 Boys

Year 4 Girls


Lucas Darling

Haley Kirton

Isaac Ransfield

Lucie Thomson


Noah Chisholm

Bella Noble

Ty Gardiner

Ceejay Kraus


Theo Tucker-Nathan

Ava Nagel

Ashton Chester

Frankie Houston-Manuel


Benny Ransfield

Indie Bennett

Aiden Roberston

Madi Grant


Seiji Tavendale

May Newlove

Campbell Stratford

Olivia Noble


Devin Direen

Aglika Angelova

Jake Sale

Neveah Shallcrass-Hall


Charlie Williams

=Molly Hayden

=Ayla Kuinisala

Joshua Potgeiter

Ruby Shaw


Fabian Patterson-Murdie

Lara Thomson

Ryan Carter

Lily Coutts


Ardie Cooper

Mila Mei Signal

Max Clement

Sofia Butterfield


Teina Walker

Ema Katreva

Rylan Martine

Aki Townsend

Tātahi Syndicate


Year 1 Boys

Year 1 Girls

Year 2 Boys

Year 2 Girls


Kohen Cooper

Aurora Van Reenen

Axel Christensen

Olive Jarvis


Mateo Duseigneur

Makena Winiata

Ryan Ge

Mackenzie Crichton


Malakai Brown

Charlotte Whitaker

Zachary Willis

Esmee Baker


Jayden Wood

Scarlett Christensen

Harry Wright

Kayleigh Lawton

Congratulations to all who participated. A huge thank you to all the parents and whanau who came along to support our students.

Future Student Achievements

If your child has an achievement you would like us to share in our newsletter, then please send details (and a picture if you would like) to

Advertise in our Community Directory

Do you have a business and want to support PBS through advertising?

Check out the Community Directory on our website  You can advertise your business here for a small contribution.  Businesses can list their services, events and opportunities all here for others in our large school community to see and access.  This helps us support local businesses, encouraging PBS parents to support your business, and keeps all listings in one easy to find spot. Below are a few screen shots of what you can find. Click on a listing and explore the content!




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