School Staff


Year 0-2 Syndicate
Year 0-2 Syndicate is led by Rachel McDowell.  This team is called TĀTAHI. Tātahi are the fine grains of sand on the beach.

Year 3-4 Syndicate
Year 3-4 Syndicate is led by Vicki Howarth. This team is called NGARU. Ngaru are the small waves that greet the sand.

Year 5-6 Syndicate Year 5-6 Syndicate is led by Vanessa Brewer. This team is called TE MOANA. Te Moana is the open ocean.
Year 7-8 Syndicate Year 7-8 Syndicate is led by Cath Franks. This team is called TE MOTU. Te Motu is the island.

Learning Support Team

Support Staff

Librarian: Anne Taurua

Property Manager: John Trask


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