Student Opportunities

From year to year Paraparaumu Beach School offers various opportunities for students to participate in.  Typically, the older the student is the wider the number of opportunities available to them.  Different opportunities pop up through the year, so we do not always have a definitive list. Additionally, we are sometimes offered an opportunity by an outside provider at short notice which means it may not be listed.

Every year all students will participate in the following as part of the school curriculum:

  • Waiata Māori for all students
  • School Cross Country for all students
  • Swimming
  • Ripper Rugby
  • Technology Centre (Years 7-8)
  • Junior Winter Tournament (Years 5-6)
  • Senior Winter Tournament (Years 7-8)

Every year students may choose to opt into or be selected for:

  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Touch Rugby
  • Basketball (Senior Students)
  • Kapa Haka (performance group) for Years 5-8.
  • Interschool Cross Country for selected Year 3-8 students
  • Regional Cross Country for selected students
  • Speech cup for Years 5-8
  • Interschool Swimming Competition for selected students
  • Librarian Training/Responsibility (Years 7 – 8)
  • Road Patrol Training/Responsibility (Years 6-8
  • Pupil Host responsibilities (Years 5-8)
  • Student Council (Years 7-8)
  • Sports Ambassadors (Years 7-8)

Some years we may offer:

  • Debate competition (Years 7 & 8)
  • Running club
  • Student Volunteer Army
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Chess Club
  • Band or Ukulele Orchestra (Senior Students)
  • Choir
  • Tournament of Minds (Year 5-8 students trial and are selected on ability)
  • Arts Splash/Dance Splash/ Wearable  Arts
  • EPro 8 Technology challenge (Year 5-8  teams selected on student ability)
  • Pedal Ready