Quick Links

Please keep yourself up-to-date with school communications and important links here.

We want all our school families to be aware of events and goings on at our school. In order to do this it is vital that all parents read weekly newsletters and communications.

For communication and regularly updated information – sign up to the following:
• Check out our school website – www.pbs.school.nz
• Read our weekly newsletter out every Tuesday – see www.pbs.school.nz/topics/newsletters
• Follow our Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/Paraparaumu-Beach-School-208111489388885
• Download the Skool Loop App – Free download in Google Play & App Store. Search ‘Skool Loop’ and choose our school once installed.

For keeping up to date with your child’s learning assessment other school communications you must download the
@School App:
• Once your child starts at our school, an email will be sent to you from Paraparaumu_Beach_School@etap.co.nz.
Please follow the instructions in the email. (For extra information refer to the “How To” sheet in your information

For school financial transactions – see the following links:
• Make your school payments easy or order school lunches with our Kindo online shop. Kindo is easy to set up and
use. Just go to www.pbs.school.nz and click on ‘Shop’ or go to www.mykindo.co.nz If you need help, talk to the
friendly staff at the Kindo helpdesk on 0508 4KINDO or email hello@mykindo.co.nz

For other information, these links may be useful:
• Enrolment Schemes – Information for Parents – https://parents.education.govt.nz/primary-school/schooling-innz/enrolment-schemes-zoning/
• Enrol Privacy Statement – https://assets.education.govt.nz/public/Documents/School/Managing-and-supportingstudents/ENROL/Electronic-Information-about-your-child-v3.pdf
• The Litterless Lunchbox – www.kapiticoast.govt.nz/waste
• Name It Quality Labels – www.Nameit.co.nz
• sKids Before & After School Care – www.skids.co.nz
• Fun Zone – www.funzone.co.nz
• Chelsea House – www.chelseahouse.co.nz

It is your responsibility as a parent/caregiver
to keep up-to-date with important school events that may affect your child.