7 May 2024 Board Agenda

To be held on Tuesday, 7 May 2024 at 7pm in the Staffroom

Karakia – Nga mihi o te Ra KARAKIA

1.  Administration – MH 35 mins (7.35pm)
    (a) Apologies
    (b) ECD exercise
    (c) Declaration of Conflicts of Interest
    (d) Minutes of Previous Meeting
    (e) Matters Arising / Action Item Updates
    (f) Correspondence

2.  Strategic Plan Monitoring – JW 15 mins (7.50pm)
    (a) Goal 1: Growing Community
    (b) Goal 2: Building Resilience
    (c) Goal 3: Achieving Personal Excellence

3.  Subcommittee Work – 30 mins (8.20pm)
    (a) Evaluation Subcommittee -SD
           i. Draft Annual Plan – JW
    (b) Te Ao Māori Subcommittee – RB
    (c) Digital Strategy – MH

4.  Monitoring and Review – JW 60 mins (9.20pm) 
    (a) Curriculum
          i. Analysis of Variance
    (b) Self Review
          i. Board Policies for review
    (c) Personnel
    (d) Property and Finance
    (e) Health and Safety
    (f) Administration & Legislation

5.  General Business – 5 mins (9.25pm)
     (a) Meeting dates reminders

6.  ECD Exercise – 10 mins (9.35pm)

Karakia – Unuhia, Unuhi

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