Student News November

Awesome Student Work

Recently I have enjoyed seeing lots of incredible student work, including the inquiry projects in Room 21, Jack’s “Jolly Roger” pirate – hand stitched with love and effort, and some creative Blossom Artwork by Room 4.  All of these efforts remind me how cool it is to be a kid!

Tennis Excitement - Year 5 & 6 Students Shine at Have-A-Go Interschool Event

Last Wednesday, 52 students from the Te Moana Syndicate participated in the Have-A-Go Tennis Interschool event, hosted by the Kapiti Council and the Paraparaumu Tennis Club. 

The event was filled with exciting activities that helped our students learn the essential skills to play tennis. They were guided by dedicated volunteers from the Paraparaumu Tennis Club, who made the learning experience both educational and fun.

Congratulations to Angus, Sophia, Lucie, Olive, Cash, Phoenix and Aki who were nominated by the volunteers as students who stood out as shining examples of sportsmanship.

Te Moana Syndicate Athletic Day

Over the past five weeks, Te Moana Syndicate has been preparing for our annual athletic event. Last Monday, they gave it their all, showcasing sportsmanship and determination that impressed us all. Congratulations to every student who participated and gave their best; your efforts were commendable.

Congratulations to:

Year 5 Girls: 1st Ceejay Kraus, 2nd Lucie Thomson, 3rd Jermayne Inoke, 4th equal Sophie Tee and Frankie Houston-Manuel

Year 5 Boys: 1st Jackson Grant, 2nd equal Jake Sales and Ryan Carter, 3rd Campbell Stratford, 4th Ty Gardiner

Year 6 Girls: 1st Eden Kavakura, 2nd Zoe Gee, 3rd Sophie Stevens, 4th equal Kaya O’Brien and Alyssa Hudson

Year 6 Boys: 1st Phoenix Tee, 2nd Zavier Gardiner, 3rd Francis Forsyth, 4th equal Leo Holloway and Noah Hunt

Senior Production

“NZ’s Top Survivor Island” was clever, entertaining, informative and hilarious.  Congratulations to all involved – there were definitely stars on the stage, in the band and behind the scenes. From the art work and props to the additional video segments – every Te Motu staff member and  student played a part in this success.  Special mention must go to Colin Siversen – Script Writer and Teresa Robertson – Director.


Playground Painting

This week the Student Council added some playground painting for Tātahi Syndicate. Here’s some photos of them doing the mahi. Thank you Mr Trask for helping us to do this!

Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you to all families who supported our Scholastic Book Fair at PBS last week.  It sounds like we have earned around 1400 points to buy more books for our own library.  Kids also loved the visit from Clifford the Big Red Dog who was another well-behaved doggo on school grounds.  Thanks to Kathryn Siversen for organising this fundraising event for PBS and helping to spread the love of literacy.

Instrumental Session

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