Newsletter 2023/15

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou

Today’s newsletter is packed with useful information for our whānau, with a few highlights being: 

  • Helping your child with reading
  • Mid-year learning conferences – Have you booked yet?
  • Highlights from National Young Leaders day

Upcoming dates for your calendar:

  • SCHOOL CLOSES at 12pm tomorrow for Teachers’ Paid Union Meetings
  • King’s Birthday Weekend – Mon, 5 June (school closed)
  • Learning Conferences – Tues, 20 June – Make a booking and bring your child along (school closed for instruction)
  • Celebrating Matariki -Tues, 27 June – Activities throughout the school day

Want to help your child’s reading ability? 

Often parents ask how they can assist their child with learning at home. This is great to hear, as there are so many experiences that you can offer your child individually at home that are not always possible in a classroom setting.  Everyday experiences can easily be turned into learning opportunities – from supermarket shopping, baking, building sand creations at the beach and even a road trip into the city.  

If you are an adult who loves reading, then you know we don’t just read to comprehend words on a page; we read to dive into other worlds, personalities and experiences. Teachers work hard to help children develop reading strategies but parents and whanau can help in an even easier way…through the power of conversation!

Kids need rich conversation to help them to understand and connect with stories and books. Conversations help link everyday experiences to the books, and books to everyday experiences. Kids who struggle to read fluently are especially in need of such conversations.

What can parents do?

  • Get your child involved in back-and-forth conversation to make sense of what they have read/are reading
  • Find time each day to have a conversation about stories and books (while walking to school, driving to sports, over afternoon tea, at bedtime).  Make this part of your routine
  • Ask your child questions to get them wondering.  Let them ask questions too
  • Explain new vocabulary in books rather than replacing big or unfamiliar words with simpler ones
  • Read books by the same author and discuss differences and similarities
  • Encourage your child to wonder aloud and join in with them.  Predict what will happen next in a story or make up your own story ending

What questions can parents ask?

When your child is reading to you or you are reading to your child, stop every now and then and pose a question.  Alternatively you could have a 5 minute conversation at the end of a chapter. Below are some questions to get you started:

  • When in your life did you feel like the main character in the book?
  • Tell me about a time when you felt (angry/happy/curious)like the character?
  • What other books/characters does this story remind you of?
  • What do you think will happen in the next chapter and why?
  • How is the character going to solve that problem?
  • If you were the main character what would you do in that situation?

Great conversations help kids expand their thinking. In essence, conversation stretches the brain – helping children link what they are reading to their own experiences, their world and other books they have read. Whilst they may not always show it, kids crave that one-on-one time with parents and significant adults; they love your undivided attention so why not fill those times with rich conversations!


Sharing good news spreads positivity, changes attitudes and ultimately leads to more people feeling encouraged and happy

PBS kids gave Cross Country their all last week! There were many proud family members and staff on the sidelines cheering kids on which really added to the positive vibe too. 

Congratulations to every student who persisted and gave the course their very best effort.  A BIG round of applause to our race place getters too – your achievement was awe inspiring! We look forward to hearing how you go at the Interschool Competition.

Ngā mihi nui,
Jess Ward
Principal ~ Tumuaki

Welcome to Our Recent New Students

Nathan – Rm 25

Have You Checked Out Our Community Notices Directory?

Do you need to advertise your business, an upcoming event, need child care,  or looking for a gift or new club to join?  Check out the PBS Community Directory on our website

Video Screening of "Our Kids Online"

Thanks to those parents who attended last week.  We hope to offer a couple more screening opportunities in coming weeks. We will email you with these when dates/times have been decided.

Tuesday, 20 June Learning Conferences - Don’t Forget to Bring Your Child Along!

This year we are bringing our mid-year learning conferences forward, to hold them at the end of Term 2 rather than the start of Term 3.  Our Board has granted us a Teacher-Only day to run these important conferences.  This means parents will need to book in for an interview slot and bring their child/children along at that time.  Normal teaching will not occur on this day. Please put this date in your diary and book yourselves in on on the Skool Loop App.  Download the app now on Google Play or the App Store (bookings will be available shortly).

Ten minute conference time slots will go through the day until 6pm. Whilst we prefer face to face, zoom slots can be offered. Please note that there will not be time to raise complex social issues or confidential matters, but you can arrange a time to do this with your child’s teacher at another time by emailing them. 

Using Māori Language at Home

It’s important for all Kiwi to learn te reo.  Each week our newsletter will include phrases that you might like to try out at your place.  After all, it will take the whole nation to keep this unique language alive.

Here is a question structure to use to ask how someone is:

Kei te pēhea koe?

If someone asks you the pātai (question) you reply:

Kei te harikoa ahau.

or any of the kupu i raro (words below)

harikoa – happy

Student Learning Corner

Room 11 students wrote some great sensory poems after their cross country racing last week. Here’s two examples by Shylah and Ben. Kapai korua!

My Cross Country – by Shylah

I can see seniors cheering loudly.

I can hear loud puffing.

I can feel the sweat dripping down my face.

I can smell the freshly mowed grass.

I can taste the dried up mango stuck in my teeth from fruit break.

I wish Cross Country was over.


My Cross Country – by Ben

I can see fresh green grass.

I can feel my heart beat fast.

I can hear people cheering loudly.

I can taste fresh air.

I can smell fresh trees.

I feel happy about Cross Country.

Kid's Quote

Refer to the quotes from our Student Councillors from their attendance at National Young Leaders Day below.

From the Student Council

Last week we attended the National Young Leaders’ Day Conference for the Wellington Region. It was a great day out listening to speakers with very different backgrounds and life journeys. Here’s a few quotes or ideas from the presenters that we found inspiring:

Marcin: “Don’t adjust your personal standards to fit in with others.” (Brad Smeele)

Sienna: “Don’t think about the past nor the future, be thankful for today.”

Keely: I learnt from Gracie Kim to always be optimistic and keep trying new things even when you fail because failing is the best part.

Ruby K:  Live in the moment and focus on now not what will be happening in the future.

Ruby B: Impossible Is Just I’m Possible And To Come Into Things With An Open Mind.

Heulyn: If you keep trying different things you will find something right for you.

Solomon:  “A winner is just a loser who keeps on trying.” (Brad Smeele).

Delicious Hāngī for Sale!

Te Moana syndicate is fundraising for our camp in Term 4 by selling delicious hāngī. Grab the family a yummy dinner while helping to reduce the cost of camp for all Yr 5/6 students.

$15 each – Chicken, pork, lamb, potato, kumara, pumpkin and reka rawa stuffing!

Only 150 are available, so get in quick!!!

  • Order on Kindo today
  • Orders close Monday, 26 June at noon
  • Pick up straight from the umu beside the tennis courts at approximately 5pm on Thursday, 29 June
  • We will post on FB as this is being lifted

Postponement date if the weather is unfavourable TBC in Term 3.

Thanks to Bedlam and Bliss, Nuwave and SM Property Development for their generous donations.

Wood Donations for Matariki Hāngī

We’ve got some lovely Manuka drying in preparation for our hāngī thanks to the Miratana family but we are also looking for other dry wood to get the fire super hot.

If you have any odd dry rounds, oddly shaped pieces or just some dry firewood at home that you’d like to donate, please contact Ginny Hawke on 

Te Motu Cross Country Results

The Te Motu syndicate cross country was held at Mazengarb Park on Friday.  Many students gave their all in the competitive races, on a challenging course, and the following students placed highly:

Year 7 Girls: Mia Thomson 1st, Quin Steinmetz 2nd, Emily Hamden 3rd
Year 7 Boys: Corey Whitfield 1st, William Hamden 2nd, Juvan Scholtz 3rd
Year 8 Girls: Anika Rehal 1st, Emily Johnstone 2nd, Lucy Gestro 3rd
Year 8 Boys: Zac Chandler 1st, Tyron Baker 2nd, Makana McEwan 3rd

The rest of the syndicate participated in a fun class relay before we headed back to school.

Te Moana Cross Country Results

The Te Moana Syndicate arrived at their cross-country championships with high spirits, proudly displaying their whanau colours, banners, and chanting songs in support. The question loomed: Who would be crowned the winner of the Golden Shoe in 2023? It was truly inspiring to witness our tamariki running with pride and giving their best in the race.

We are thrilled to extend our congratulations to the winners and the top ten placers who have qualified for the Kapiti Interschool Cross-Country. Their exceptional performances at the Syndicate Cross Country event demonstrated their unwavering dedication and sportsmanship. A special thank you goes out to all the parents, volunteers, and supporters whose contributions made the event a resounding success. Your presence and cheers created an electrifying atmosphere.

Individual Results:

Year 5 Girls: 1st: Lucie Thomson 2nd: Frankie Houston-Manuel 3rd: Olivia Noble

Year 5 Boys: 1st: Ty Gardiner 2nd: Isaac Ransfield 3rd: Ashton Chester

Year 6 Girls: 1st: Angelica Bonnar 2nd: Kaya O’Brien 3rd: Peyton McGarry-Paku

Year 6 Boys: 1st: Kade Gardiner 2nd: Hosheia Bolton-Smithson 3rd: Mason Morrison


And the winner of the Golden Shoe was Kowhai.

Congratulations to all our students who have qualified for the Interschool Cross-Country Championships, which will be held on Tuesday, 6 June (PPD Wednesday, 7 June) at Waikanae Park.

Yr 1-4 Cross Country Results

Building Planter Boxes - Can You Help Out?

Some of our eager Enviro kids would love parent help to build new planter boxes behind Room 28.  Our old boxes have rotted and fallen apart.  If you are able to give an hour or so of your time or some timber, we would love to hear from you.  Just email

Thank you

Fizzy Drink Bottles Wanted

1.5L fizzy drink bottles are needed for our rockets.

If you have any spare bottles please send to Ginny Hawke in Rm 4. Many thanks.

Future Student Achievements

If your child has an achievement you would like us to share in our newsletter, then please send details (and a picture if you would like) to

Find free support for mild and moderate mental health and addiction issues

A new Te Whatu Ora website provides an easier pathway to find free support for mild and moderate mental health and addiction issues.

The website provides one place for the Access and Choice primary mental health and addiction services and includes a search tool to find providers.  Access and Choice services are made up of four streams:  Integrated, Primary, Mental Health and Addiction, which is accessed via a general practice (GP), as well as specific Kaupapa Māori, Pacific and Youth providers.

Services are free and there are no referral criteria. However, for services accessed in a GP setting, service users will need to be enrolled with that provider.  More services will be added to the website each month as the rollout of the programme continues nationwide.

Boost Your Wellbeing – Te Whatu Ora

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