Newsletter 2020/12


Principal’s Message Welcome to Term 2 and welcome to our new teacher Cherie Parker! Cherie has joined us from Auckland to start up our new New Entrants classroom in Room 24. We are delighted to have you on board Cherie. Over the term break I attended the funeral of Bernie Noble-Campbell. Bernie was the Deputy … Read more

May 2021 Board Agenda

To be held on Tuesday, 4 May 2021 at 7pm in the Staffroom 1. Karakia – 2 min (7:02 pm) 2. Administration a. Apologies – 1 min (7:03 pm) b. Declaration of Conflicts of Interest – 1 min (7:04 pm) c. Minutes of previous meeting – 2 mins (7:06 pm) d. Matters Arising / Action … Read more

Newsletter 2021/11

Principal’s Message Kia Ora Last Friday was an absolute blast! The kids got terribly active and terribly messy during the school Fun Run. The PTA did a superb job planning the course layout which included a slip n’ slide, dancing, crawling under cargo nets, manoeuvering through hoops and tyres, and of course dodging streams of … Read more

Newsletter 2021/10

Principal’s Message Kia Ora If your family celebrates Easter then I hope you enjoyed this special time together. If not, then I hope you were able to make the most of the long weekend, in the company of people who are important to you. If spending time with others is important to you, then I … Read more

Newsletter 2021/09

Principal’s Message Kia Ora It was wonderful to see some PBS families at the HOLI Festival of Colour on Saturday. It was a great sunny day, full of fun and laughter. Whilst I had put myself forward to be colour-bombed, I didn’t quite expect the gauntlet prepared for me. By the end of it I … Read more

Newsletter 2021/08

Principal’s Message Kia Ora Wow, one week away at camp and I come back to the most amazing new sandpit! What stunning work our PTA and parent helpers are doing with this project; the kids are very excited about the progress thus far and the stunning rainbow fence. Thank you so much to everyone involved, … Read more