Covid 19: Alert Level 4 Update

Dear Parents and Caregivers

With life at Level 4 and then Level 3 stretching into next week your child’s teacher will be providing work for learning from home. If your child doesn’t have adequate resources at home or usually uses a school device for their learning, then your child’s teacher will arrange to have something delivered to you.

Teachers have special dispensation to go onto the school site, collate and deliver resources to your gate (contactless delivery). We plan to do these deliveries on Monday. Your child’ teacher will communicate with you about any delivery to your place.


We are really keen to stress to parents to just do what you can. Below I’ve compiled some do’s and don’ts:


*Do focus on emotional wellbeing. Find time to laugh and keep things light and positive.

*Do fun, low-key activities with your kids: Read to your child, play games, do puzzles, draw, bake…

*Get kids out in the backyard for fresh air and exercise

*Have lots of discussions with your child – oral language is great for brain development

*Try to balance device time with hands on tasks and physical activity

*Find ways for kids to keep in touch with friends e.g. phone calls, zoom, share photos of what they’ve been up to etc

*Reach out if you are feeling stressed e.g. email your child’s teacher, email me, talk to a friend, call a helpline


*Don’t sit your child down between 9am and 3pm and try to recreate daily life at school. Doing this is likely to stress you and your children out.

*Don’t feel the need to complete every single task your child’s teacher sets. We will simply be offering a range of things to select from.

*Don’t worry about your child’s learning progress. All NZ kids are in the same situation and they will be ok.

Your child’s teacher or syndicate team will be in touch with you with further information about what ‘learning from home’ tasks they have planned.

Lastly, I want to inform you of two websites the Ministry of Education has, “Learning from Home” and “Ki te Ao Mārama”. These websites include resources for parents, students and teachers. The information and resources are available at and

If you are an Essential Worker who may need to send your child to school when we move to Level 3 then please email me on so we can prepare in advance for their needs.

Kia kaha, stay calm and stay well.

Jess Ward

Principal ~ Tumuaki

Paraparaumu Beach School

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