Support Our Community, Support Our School

Our school community is a huge asset. We want to highlight the incredible work done in the area and support local business to thrive. So PBS is launching an online community directory for the Kapiti Coast.

The Paraparaumu Beach School Community Directory is an online, user-maintained list of businesses, events, and opportunities in the Kapiti area.

The site gives local businesses the opportunity to support PBS while promoting themselves and improving their search engine visibility. It will replace the community notices section of our school newsletter.

Businesses, clubs, organisations and individuals can use the directory to promote their services, opportunities and events. The site allows you to build a profile and portfolio for your business. Your listing will be searchable by name and category.

For our listers the site will be:

  • Low maintenance: simply keep your contact details and information up to date.
  • Change whenever: Edit your page information yourself at any time day or night.
  • Nothing to check: Customers will be directed straight to your exisiting phone number, website or email address.
  • Quiet: You will not receive marketing or advertising from us or anyone else. At the end of your listing period you will be sent a reminder to renew.

The website will act as a fundraising hub with the school. Businesses pay a small fee of $40 to be listed for 365 days on the website. Fees will go to discretionary spending within the school. Anyone can list opportunities or events on the website for $10 for 60 days. 

We welcome anyone to list, view and browse the platform. While we reserve the right to refuse any listings for whatever reason, inclusion on this website should in no way be taken as an endorsement of any businesses or practices contained within.

The Paraparaumu Beach School Community Directory is a great source of information and leads when seeking a service provider, supplier or client. We encourage you to Buy Local.

Visit us now at

How to make the most of your Business Listing

The more information you can include the better. Give your customers what they need to know to buy from you.

Your Logo:

  • Needs to be in a file format of .jpg or .png.

Your Cover Image:

  • Use this free Canva template to get the right cover banner image.
  • Don’t use text on the banner as it is unlikely to be readable on all screen sizes.

  • Have dark colours at the bottom of the image otherwise you won’t be able to see the business name.

Your Gallery

  • Use this section to show off your work or products
  • Images on Google Images are not free and are someone else’s copyright. Please do not use them.

Your Description

  • Make sure you answer the questions: What do you do? How do you solve a problem?
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